Grade 9-2
Brevet Class 01/02
English Language Course
We are proud to be the Generation of ...
The Future!

Our English teacher is Mrs. Nada AbiSamra.
We have worked on several projects this year:

Check out some of our
Written Presentations:
(They are Unedited)
These presentations follow the guidelines published on the following site:

Our last project is about

Homer's Epic, "The Odyssey".

Click on the picture to get as much information about "The Odyssey"
as you might ever need!

Scroll down a little and you will find
some of our pictures taken
while we were making the Oral Presentations
about the following topics related to "The Odyssey":

  • Ancient Greece (daily life + way of thinking/culture + beliefs + Map + Greek Mythology quiz)+ what is a myth?)
  • Gods in Greek Mythology
  • Epic Genre Vs. Picaresque Novel
  • Homer's Iliad & Homer
  • Trojan War
  • The Odyssey: Background & Characters
  • .

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    Mohamad, Nour, Dana
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