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ESL Programs.
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Our ESL students are at all stages of learning English, and have varying educational backgrounds in their first languages. While the broad objectives of English programs will ultimately be the same for all students, those learning English as a second language need time, support and exposure to English before being expected to reach the learning outcomes described in the English framework, and will come to this achievement via a range of pathways. We teachers try to devise appropriate teaching and assessment practices for these students. 

ESL Companion
OCPS core curriculum: ESOL
Language Arts through ESOL: A guide for ESOL teachers

Goals of the ESL Programs:

The broad goals of the ESL programs at ACS are to support students to: 

  • develop a level of competency and confidence in using English that allows them to fully participate in social and school based contexts
  • continue their conceptual development while developing English language skills appropriate to their grade level
  • develop an understanding of the learning styles and expectations of ACS schooling system.
  • integrate as soon as possible into the mainstream of school.
More specifically, the ESL curriculum aims to develop students' competence in English in the following areas: 
  • ability to use and understand English in a variety of contexts
  • control over the structures and grammatical features of English
  • ability to use strategies that facilitate the acquisition of English, and to negotiate communication in English.
How to identify ESL students?
  • English is not their first language.
  • They are struggling academically & socially because of a lack of English skills.
  • They have little or no exposure to English outside of school.
English-language learners may pick up conversational English, or Basic Interpersonal Communicative Skills (BICS), within two years, but school language, or Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency Skills (CALPS), may take 5 to 7 years, or even longer (Collier, 1987; Cummins, 1984)
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