Kazuyuki Ohashi


My name is Kazuyuki Ohashi
Grade 6-   School is ACS
My country is Japan
My family is Dad and Mom
Father nane is Kunihiro
Mather name is Chizuko
My friend's Japanese
name is Toshikazu tanabe
Masataka umeda
My hobbies are Kendo
and swimming.

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 Kazu's day at school
January 2001

Here I am at my school.
That's me writing about
I am at the ESL center.
I am studying ESL.
I like to study Japanese.
I don't like come to school
be cause I'm sleepy.

This in a rule I follow
at my school ACS.
I come to school on
I listen to my teacher.
I do my home work.
I write on my copy book.

In School
January 19, 2001

What do we learn in school?

We learn to think.
We learn to write.
We learn to read.
We learn to count.
We learn about people.
We learn to read maps
and globes.
We learn about other
living things.

What do we practice in school?

Practice = to do something
many times.
We learn how to do things
by practicing them.

We practice playing games.
We practice speaking words.
We practice writing words.
We practice singing songs.
       We practice acting out stories.

What can I do alone?

-I can draw.
-I can write.
-I can read.

What can I do in a group?

                 -I can listen to someone read.
-I can play games.
    -I can draw a picture.

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