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By Naveen, Stella, & Donya
Stella Vitiello

Project: About Me
January 2001

My name is Stella Vitiello and I am Italian. Both my parents are fully Italian. I lived in Rome for the first 12 years of my life, and I used to have lots of fun; everyday I had something to do.

My family and I were and still are members of a sporting club where I spend my time swimming and playing soccer and tennis. 

In 1996 I moved to Manhattan, New York where I lived the best three years of my life. Unfortunately, I had to move again in June 1999 when my father got a job here in Lebanon. 

This is now my second year here and I like it even though I think that New York City was the right place for me: I could do anything I wanted, anytime I wanted, and I hope that one day I will be able to go back there to live because I really had the time of my life.


As a start I would like to say that my first hobby is watching television or as we like to call it TV. I like it and I understand it, but this does not mean that I watch movies and TV shows, this means that I can understand the deep meaning of each. As a matter of fact I have already “planned” my life, I will go to an university to study movie makings and you are all invited to see my first one. The TV show that I like the most is friends and i think that you all know it. This might sound a bit pathetic but it isn’t, I have all the episodes recorded by me on tape and I have like four posters of it hanging in my room. I also know everything about the characters and the actors that play in it. It is a passion that I have and I like it. I also have two book about it and that is where I learned all the things that I know today. I could go on talking about this for the next two hours but I’m not going to because I know that you’ll get bored, so lets change subject. My second biggest hobbies are sports. I love tennis and that is why i am pretty good at it and because I have been playing this sport for the last five years of my life and I won cups and medals for my good job. Soccer is my second favorite sport and I like to play it every time i can. This year I was even on the JV soccer team but just because the already had a goalie even though i also play defense. Generally I like all sports except for football and hockey. My third and last important hobby in my life is photography and if my director career does not work, I would like to become a photographer. I have a lot of pictures of nature, animals and friends taken by me when I had a good camera, before I lost it. My favorite picture is a picture of the sun half covered with clouds and leaves which I took in Central Park, New York, where I had just discovered my “talent”. I hope you enjoyed reading about me and if you want to E-mail me, my address is: 

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