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By Naveen, Stella, & Donya
Naveen Anand

Project: About Me
(Self- presentation)
October- 2000

My country: India
Historical places (left), Touristic places (right)
Wild life (left), Indian cooking (right)
My family
Myself: Naveen

Winter holidays: What I did, How I felt, 
& What I wish to do during the next holidays.
January 3, 2001
During holidays, people usually enjoy themselves and try to lessen the stress, problems or tensions they have, for a short period of time. Some do this by going out, having parties and having and doing fun things. Others do some work of their own interest and keep themselves busy. This is where I fit in. I like to invent things of my own. This year my holidays were pretty boring. I wasnít very glad about them, but I wasnít very sad either. As for my next holidays, I am planning to use them for designing and making my own gadgets. 

This year my holidays were not as much as they used to be. I did nothing special (during break). I did all the things that I usually do during any vacation. In other words I did nothing useful or creative. I watched TV, relaxed, had fun, slept and ate. I was planning to design something new this time, but I couldnít do it because of my laziness. However, it didnít dishearten me.

My holidays were not as bad as they sound. I admit that I did not make a good use of time and although the holidays were boring, I was not very sad about it. But I wasnít too glad either. Still I felt content that at least I got a break from studies and had some free time to spend wherever I wanted to. 

However, for the next holidays, I devised a plan. After spending all my winter break, I realized that I had wasted a precious time. So, to make up for the loss, I thought of what am I going to do next year .I came up with a plan of making a small weapon that is not too dangerous, but considerably harmful and I named the device- ďTHE GLOVE BOWĒ. It is a kind of a rectangular shaped box, which can be put on and attached with any glove and it shoots out needles from it like an arrow released from a bow. Well, there you have it- my plan for next year.

In nutshell, I didnít use my vacation quite wisely and wasted it. It didnít make me sad. But that doesnít mean that I was very happy about it. So, for next time, I decided to make a small weapon and utilize my time properly. Finally, I wish that I hadnít wasted this break out of laziness. And I advice you also to make a full utilization of your time and be the best you can be!

The murdering grades
January 11, 2001
Not everybody can have good marks
to get them, you have to kill yourself like sharks
bur that doesn't mean that you fail
it means that you have to sail
across the great oceans of studies
like your other high-scoring buddies
'cause you have to make your future bright
like a thousand glowing bulbs of light

My Opinion about Religion
Why is religion an important part 
of everybodyís life?
April 30, 2001
  •  Maybe, the people who believe a lot in god make religion an important part of their life because every religion is godís words.
  • Perhaps, some people want to be successful in their life and they want to do so by following a religion. 
  •  Many persons have a tendency of thinking that they are right. So, they believe in religion and believe that they are right and as a result religion becomes an essential part of their lives.
  • Some want peace and content. Therefore, they turn towards religion. 
  • Many are born with a spiritual element in them. So, this can also be one of the many reasons.
  • People also turn towards religion as they want to get rid of difficulties and problems in their lives. 
  • It can also be possible that when people get panicky and there is no other way out, they tend to make their way towards religion..
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