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Project: All About Myself
October 2000

My family
My country: Lebanon
The Cedars, Raoucheh, Baalbeck, Byblos, Faraya
The Lebanese contributions to the world
Myself: Mohamad

Nightmare Hall
November 2000
It was Saturday night when my friends and I decided to go to my grand mother’s house in “Doha” because they had a pool table. We left Beirut at 8 pm and arrived at the house at 8:30 pm. The minute we went out of the car was when the electricity went out and for some strange reason the generators where out of order, so the whole place was in complete darkness. The only light we could see was the moon but it wasn’t enough. Suddenly we heard a strange noise that sounded just like a shout. We were all terrified and nobody dared to enter the house with me to find out what was happening. Finally we decided to enter the house together, I was afraid that something bad might have happened to my grand parents, but that did not stop me from entering the house that was in complete darkness. As we were entering I was thinking to myself could there be a burglar in the house?
All of a sudden a flashlight showed in my face almost blinding me. When I realized that it was my grand father who thought that we were some kind of gang trying to rob their house. 

Winter holidays: What I did, How I felt, 
& What I wish to do during the next holidays.
January 3, 2001
During winter holidays, people loosen up and go have fun. This holiday is my favorite one of the year. It's the time when my family and I celebrate Christmas and New Year.  This year was my best year ever: I was finally old enough to go spend New Year's eve in Faraya with all my friends, which made me extremely happy and excited. As for what I wish to do next year, it is to go to France and spend Christmas and New Year's eve there as my father promised me. 

The clock had struck nine; it was time for my friends and I to go to Faraya to spend New Year's eve. At first we had some problems, because it was the first time we would spend New Year's eve on the streets. We didn’t know where to go in Faraya. As we were walking in the streets, we saw this huge party where people over 18 were not allowed to enter. We stayed there for a while then at two o’clock, we all went to my friend's house to rest.


As for what I wish to do next year,I would like to go to Paris and spend New Years eve there. I think that Paris is a wonderful place to spend the holidays  because of all the great fire works. Next year, New Year is going to be a different one because for the first time, I am going to spend it with my family and not my friends.

New Years is a day that we should treasure, because it only comes once a year. It’s a day were you have fun all the time with all your friends and family. For me, New Years is one of my favorite days of the year. 

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