Wolf Tramontini 
Grade 4- D

February 8, 2001
The dolphins have a smooth stream lined body. They are excellent swimmers. In the water they play, eat, sleep, and feed their babies. Normal fish can get their oxygen from the water but dolphins have to get their oxygen from the air like we do. Mostly all of them have hair. Mammals nurse their babies on milk. They are warm blooded. The dolphins' family have two branches. Porpoise are like dolphins and they also look very same. In fact, they are so much the same that there is only one sure way to tell them apart. And that is by the shape of their teeth. Porpoises have spade-shaped teeth. Dolphins have cone shaped teeth. Because dolphins and Porpoises are alike, many people call all of them Porpoises. The second reason is that there is another big fish. Other people prefer to use both names Dolphin-Porpoise. Bottle-nosed dolphins are about 7-11, and the way to tell a bottle-nose is by its mouth. 


Christmas Holidays
What I did, How I felt,
& What I wish to do next year.
January 4, 2001
I played with my friend on December 23, 2000. Then we went outside and climbed his tree house, and played on it a game called clue. After we played the game, we went to the playground next to his house. The next day I went riding a sled. I felt happy because I could play with my friends, and cousins. Next year I would like to go to Germany  and Italy because I could play with my friend and cousins.

Wolf Tramontini
October 2000

I have been in Lebanon for 1 year.
In Germany, I always climb trees.
In Germany I have school till 1:00 or sometimes till 12:30.
After school I sometimes buy chocolate or other stuff. My friend goes home by bus. I walk home.

In  Germany I feel happy because I can ride a bicycle. Sometimes in winter I go on a hill and go sking or sliding.

Now I feel happy because I have taken my picture.

The Dinosaur
December 2000

The dinosaur is a big animal. 
It nearly is a cannibal.
Other dinosaurs are very tough.
This makes him very rough.
The dinasaur is an old animal
and there they didnt know capital.

The cat
December 2000

The cat is a nice animal,
It sometimes writes capital.
My cat has a son called Brian
This is why he wants to be a lion.

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