Shuruq Tramontini 
Grade 5- B
April 26, 2001
Short Story

The stolendiamonds
Fowlermeets thisreallystupidguy.ButFowlerthinksthatheisreallycool.Fowlers daughteralwaystellsherdadthatheshouldntbefriendswiththisguy whosenameisMax.Butherdaddoesntlisten.
Fowlersdaughter andhisbestfriendbothmisstheirdiamondstones.Randomwhoisfrom thepolicesearcheseverywhereforthem,butcantfindthem.
OnceFowlers daughtersawMaxinherroom,sosheaskedhimwhathe wasdoingthere,but hejustsaidthathewantedtogoto the bathroom anddidntknowwhereitwas. When heleftthehouse,Fowlersdaughterwentinherroomandcoulntfindher diamond.ThesamethinghappenedtoAusable,alsoonthesameday.They calledeachotherandsaidthattheirdiamonds weremissing.Sotheycalled Randomandtoldhimwhat had happened.SoRandomcaughtthe thief. Andthe thief was .... MMMMMMMMMAAAXXXX.

January 20, 2001

How to write a book

Write on the front page your title.
Then, on the next pages you could write your own story,
you could draw pictures to illustrate the story.
Then color your pictures.

Riding in the sun

Im riding in the sun,
Thats a lot of fun.
If Id fall from it,
I would call a kid,
to help me up,
then would ride gallap.


The snow is white and nice 
It falls on trees and grass
It snows on house and ice
And on the parks and cars 

Jamestown is the first English colony:

In 1607, around 100 men and boys came to America. 
They built a town called Jamestown in what is now called Virginia. 
They wanted to find gold and silver. 
They had many problems because they built Jamestown near a swamp. 
Many insects lived around the swamp. 
The dirty swampwater was not good for drinking. The insects gave many people diseases. 
They did not know how to feed their cattle. 
Many people died because they did not have anything to eat.
The people in Jamestown  asked John Smith to be their leader. 
They began work together to survive.
American Indians came to help them.
Christmas Holidays
What I did, How I felt,
& What I wish to do next year.
January 4, 2001
I love holidays because I do not have to wake up early in the morning. Now I want to write about my Christmas holidays that I spent in Germany. During these really nice holidays, I did a lot of things. 

The last three days it snowed, so I did a snow horse and a snow man. Then I went to the big hill where some of my friends were sliding down. On New Years Eve we went to a house that belongs to a man but he does not live in it. There we played games and ate. Oh yeah, I forgot, every family had to bring food and share it.

I felt happy to be in Germany and to see all my old friends. When I came back to Beirut I cried and felt sad. But I was also happy to see my friends here again.

Next year I wish to stay longer in Germany because I did not see all my friends this time. Then I would like to do more things with them like going to the cinema or to the swimmingpool. Next year I also would like to go horseback riding and would love to go on a trip, by riding a pony or a horse and sleep in a tent. It also would be really nice to take a friend from Beirut and present her to my friends there in Germany.

To conclude I can say that I love holidays, and would always be happy to have some.

Dec. 14, 2000
We always celebrate Christmas in Germany with my Grandma, Grandpa, and my mom's Grandma. 
We open the presents at 7:00 p.m., but first, in the afternoon, I, wolf, my friend, and my grandpa go to the forest; there, Santa has hidden chocolate that I, Wolf, and my friend have to find.
When we find all the chocolate we take my friend back to her house.
Then, we play outside in the snow.
After that, my mom calls me and my brother Wolf;
we have to go in, so that we can sing Christmas Carols.
Then, we finally open our presents.
We look at them and play a little, and we eat all kinds of food.
When we are done eating we go to church, and then we sleep.
The next day, our aunt and uncle come to our house and we celebrate again, a little bit.

The END!

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

Here on earth we hear many stories about you, that on christmas eve you come and give us presents, but only if we are nice. I hope you are going to give me a present. Now I want to ask you some questions: 

Do you know all children in the whole world?

Where do you live? 

Are you married?

Did you ever meet my parents? 

How do you come to us?

With the sleigh?

Dear Santa, it would be nice if you would give me as a present a make-up kit.




December 8, 2000


Dear Santa,

 Please give Katrin a Kitten,
 And Suzi a Simson Bag.
 Give Christin a Computer.
 As for Me, I would like a Make-up Kit.


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