Mohit Anand 
Grade 5-C
Short Story
April 26, 2001

There were two kids wholived in america and they made a snowman but they did not know that it would be magical. Then suddenly the snowman became alive and he asked the two kids if they'd seen the santa...


The snow is white like papers
It falls on mountains and acres 
It snows on me and my friends
And on those who ski on weekends 

Letter to Santa 
Dear Santa,
I wish I could have a game boy and a robot for playing and a robo cam for my computer and for my brother a 3D game and walky talky and I wish me and my friends would have a nice Christmas holiday. 



December 8, 2000


Dear Santa, 
Please give Naveen a ,ninja kit.
And amiya a americanfoot ball 
Give sammer a soccer ball 
As for Me, I would like a  mini game boy 

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