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Indian Myth
The Search for a 
Adapted & Modified by Prashant Gupta
Grade 9
May 2002
In olden times, there was a hermit named Vedananda. He had his hermitage on the bank of the Ganges River. He lived there along with his pupils. The hermit possessed deep occult powers. He worked miracles of various types. One could hear of them from almost any and every person of that area. One day, hermit Vedananda was meditating under his

hut. A flying hawk happened to pass over him. It had a small mouse in his claws. By chance, the hawk lost its grip on the mouse which fell down in the hermit’s lap. “ Good heavens!” uttered the hermit as his concentration was disturbed. He opened his eyes and found a small mouse in his lap.  He was moved with pity for the tiny animal and changed it into a lovely baby-girl by dint of his miraculous power.  Taking the girl into his arms, the hermit went to his wife Mandakini and said, “ Darling! you are desirous of having a child. Here I have a baby–girl for you. Bring her up and discharge the duty of a mother.”

“ Don’t worry, dear! I shall look after her as my own daughter,” replied Mandakini who was overjoyed to have the baby-girl. She named her Kanta. Well looked after by the hermit’s wife, Kanta began to grow up gradually. After a few years,she was a charming lass of sixteen years. The hermit’s wife could well see that Kanta was now marriageable. So, she said to her husband, “Our daughter has considerably grown up. We must find a suitable match for her.” After hearing that, the hermit invoked the Sun–god to come and accept the hand of his daughter. After the hermit’s invocation, the Sun god appeared immediately. The Hermit said, “My charming daughter is marriageable.  Make her your wife, sir,” requested the hermit. Kanta was standing near by at that time.  Seeing the fiery face of the Sun-god, she felt frightened and said, “No, daddy ! I won’t marry him.  He is so hot that even hard rocks tend to melt under his heat.  He will reduce me to ashes.”  The hermit felt hurt at what his daughter had said.  But what could he do when she herself was not willing to marry the Sun-god ? So, he said to the god, “Could you suggest for her a suitor who is superior to you even ?” “Why not, sir; the Cloud is certainly more powerful than I.  He has the capacity to block my rays and thus diminish my light. You had better open negotiations with him.” Saying so, the Sun-god returned to his abode.  Now the hermit invoked the Cloud who descended on earth and, coming towards the hermit, he said, “What made you remember me, Your Holiness?”  “My daughter is the most beautiful damsel of the day.  I want to give her hand to you.  Please accept her as your bride,” replied the hermit.  Before the Cloud could give any reply, Kanta intervened saying, “Daddy, I won’t marry him.  His dark body and dreadful demon-like thunder are despicable indeed.  Look for some other match for me.” Hermit Vedanand felt very sad and said to the Cloud, “Suggest some suitable match for this girl, sir.”  “I think the Wind-god is the most suitable match for your charming daughter.  He is so powerful that he carries even me wherever he goes.  You must talk to him.” Saying so, the Cloud flew up.  The hermit now invoked the Wind-god and requested him to marry his daughter Kanta.  Hearing her father’s words, Kanta flew into a rage and screamed, “Wait, daddy! I am not al all ready to have this wanderer as my husband!” Feeling hurt at his daughter’s behavior, the hermit said to the Wind-god, “Sir, I am so very ashamed of the rude behavior of my daughter.  Be kind enough to suggest another suitable match for her.” “The Mountain is sure to prove the most suitable match for your daughter, O hermit  You had better  talk to him.” So saying, the Wind-god disappeared from there. Now the hermit invoked the Mountain and said, “Sir, you are the highest and the greatest in the world.  I want to give you my daughter in marriage.”  But Kanta burst out contemptuously, “ I would never marry this stone-hearted fellow, daddy.  I want a kind-hearted husband even if he is tiny in size.” “Excuse me, sir! I troubled you for nothing,” said hermit Vedanand to the Mountain.  “Don’t lose heart, O hermit.  There is only one creature stronger than I and that is the Mouse who can even  dig holes in me. I think he is the most suitable match for your charming girl.” And saying so, the Mountain left the place.  The hermit sent for the Mouse to negotiate his daughter’s marriage to him.  The Mouse came running to the saint’s hut.  As soon as Kanta saw him, she jumped up in joy and said, “Daddy! he is the match I was looking for.  I am ready to marry him.” The hermit smiled and said, “It is true, my daughter, that I changed you from a mouse into a girl by dint of my miraculous power.  But I failed to change your lot which is destined by the Almighty.  It is his will and we must bow to it.” Saying so, the hermit changed Kanta into a mouse again and performed her marriage to the Mouse.”  The couple lived happily ever after in a hole near the hermit's hut. 

Moral – Change of form cannot change one’s lot.  Fate is unchangeable and it is no use challenging it.  What is to be, must be.  None should be blamed for it.

Narrative Elements

Point of view- The point of view is limited omniscient because the author tells us about the emotions and feelings of just the hermit.


Major characters-

Protagonist- The hermit is the protagonist. He is kind – hearted because he changes the mouse into a girl. He has many occult powers and he works miracles of many kinds. 

Antagonist- None

Character foil – Character foil in the story is the girl because her actions such as refusing to marry a number of different gods affect the story deeply. 

Minor characters- Hermit’s wife, all the gods, the hawk and the mouse.

Setting- The story takes place in ancient India hundreds of years ago. About 17 years pass throughout the story.

Mood- Imaginary

Theme- Fate is unchangeable.


The story starts with the setting: In olden times
Place:  Bank of the Ganges River, ancient India
Introduction of the hermit: The hermit is known as Vedananda. He has many powers and he is famous for his ability to work many miracles by the dint of his powers.

Rising point: The rising point starts when a hawk drops a mouse by mistake on the hermit while he is meditating.

Action dynamics: The hermit changes the mouse into a girl. He invokes a number of gods to marry his daughter but she refuses to marry anyone of them.

Climax: The climax starts when the hermit calls the mouse, following the advice of the mountain. After seeing the mouse, Kanta immediately agrees to marry him.

Resolution: The hermit recognizes his fault and Kanta gets married to the mouse.

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