American Community School
Short Story
"Back in Ten Days"
By Jakob Weltzien

Grade 9
May 2002

In the Lebanese secret agent service, they heard about the stolen Porsche in the Paris car show. It was the newest and most beautiful car in the world, and there was only one of it worldwide. So, the secret agent service in Lebanon thought that it was their chance to show the rest of the world that they are good enough to get the car back. After two days, they had their best agent ready. He had only ten days and seven thousand dollars to get the car back.

 I was standing there in the German airport in Stuttgart. At first I didn't know what to do, because I had never before been in this country. So I searched for about half an hour till I found a taxi that would take me to my hotel. By the time I got there, two hours had been wasted, and it was eleven o’clock am. The first thing I thought of was food, so I ate a little snack. Then I went a bit sightseeing. The first thing I visited was the Mercedes museum. It was perfect! They had all the cars from the oldest to the newest models.

 I stayed there for about two hours and then I left to eat lunch in a very good restaurant. While I was eating, I tried to think of a way to get the car back, but no good ideas came to my mind. Now I wanted to go to the Porsche museum so that I could get some more information about the stolen car. While I was searching for information and asking people about the car, some guy I had never seen before came up to me and asked me in a Russian accent where I was from and what I was doing there. Since I didn't want anyone to know what mission I was on, I said that I was from Lebanon, and that I was here for a visit.

Then he left again. I thought it was weird; what had just happened, I mean. I didn't even know that man and he didn't say where he had come from. After this, I went back to the hotel and had dinner. Then I went up to my room and I thought about what had happened. After a while, I assumed that the guy was Russian because of his accent. I also assumed that he could be from the Russian mafia that stole the car. I decided to go to sleep early so that I could wake up early the next day. The following morning, I woke up at like six o’ clock and went down to eat breakfast at the hotel. When I was done, I thought of going on some more sightseeing, which I did. I first went to the Fernsehturm (T.V. tower.)

 It is very nice. The tower is 217 meters high; you have to pay an entrance fee then you can go up and have a nice view of the city. When I was just looking to the right, I saw the Russian guy again. I tried to go down the tower without him noticing it, and I made it. Next, I went to the Castle Solitude which was built by King Wilhelm the first. It was also very beautiful; there were still the furniture and other things from the old times.

Just when I thought that the Russian guy wasn't following me anymore, I saw him standing next to the entrance door. He saw me too: he was following me indeed. He didn't know that I had seen him, so I went back to the hotel. The guy followed me all the way to my hotel but didn't come in; he was too scared. The next day I went to visit a big zoo called Whilhelma. It is also very interesting, with all the animals and insects they have there.

But I left pretty quickly because of the Russian guy. Back at the hotel, I started packing my things because I was flying to Paris to get more information about the thieves and the car.

At about one o’ clock in the morning, I arrived at the Paris airport and took a taxi to my hotel. It was a nice three star hotel. I always stayed at cheap hotels because I had to save money. I had already spent about two thousand dollars and I only had seven thousand dollars to spend for all the trips and accommodations. The next morning, I had a very nice breakfast. After I ate I thought that I had to look around the city so that I would get to know it a bit better. I first thought of going to the Eiffel Tower, of course, since it was the most popular place in the whole city. I had to see it first. I arrived there in about an hour, and when I first saw it in front of me, in real life, I thought I was dreaming because it was so amazing.

The first thing I did was that I went up in the elevator and I had an amazing view over the whole city. For one minute, I totally forgot why I actually was there in Paris. But then, when I saw the Russian guy again, I thought I couldn’t believe my eyes, and this time he had two of his friends with him. I got really scared, so I tried to flee as fast as I could because I didn’t want to die so early in my life. I luckily made it without the Russians’ noticing it. When I was back at the hotel, I calmed myself down a bit and drank a cup of tea. After I ate lunch, I went to the Paris car show building: the one from which the Porsche had gotten stolen. I looked around a bit to get ideas about how they could have stolen the car out of the building. Then I talked to the manager of that house because he knows everything about the building. He knows every single hall and room in it. He gave me some information I needed to solve this problem. Then I just looked at the cars that were still standing there. Afterwards, I went back to my hotel and ate dinner. While I was eating, I wondered if I would reach my goal alive; I was hoping that I would. Then I was really tired and went to sleep. The next morning, I went down to eat breakfast once again. When I had finished, I went to the front desk to give in my key, but when I reached it I saw a whole bunch of Russians standing there, and I thought that I would not come out of the place alive. I tried to show no fear, so I just went to the front desk, gave in my key, and walked past the Russians. Surprisingly, they didn’t do anything to me; they didn’t even look at me. Outside the Hotel, I went to get the first taxi that would take me to Pompidou.

It was a building with a lot of art things all made by the same artist; it was pretty nice there. After that, I went to the travel agency because I wanted to get a ticket to Belgium. I had got the information saying that the Russian mafia brought the car to Belgium. So I got a ticket for that night. I was kind of happy that I was leaving this country because I felt that, wherever I would go, I would see more and more Russians around me. I packed my things at the hotel then went to the airport at about 11 o’ clock at night.

I arrived in Brussels, Belgium at one o’ clock in the morning. I got a taxi and went to my hotel where I slept the whole night through till 11 o’ clock am. When I woke up, I ate breakfast then went to that atom building with nine balls called the Atonium. It was really nice there, and in one of the balls there was a restaurant where I ate lunch.

 Then I went to rent a nice sports car because I still had a lot of money left and I had to be relaxed before the next day when I was going to get the car back. I rented a Dodge Viper and a six-room sweet with a jacousy. So I went driving around a bit in that nice car. Then I went to the hotel and took a bath in my sweet, which relaxed me a lot. All of a sudden, I got a call from my boss in Lebanon; he had found out where the car was in Brussels. It was in a parking place in the center of the city. The next day, I went eating lunch at a very nice restaurant in the city; but something happened that scared me to hell. The whole restaurant was full of Russians and it looked like they were all waiting for me there to beat me up, but they didn’t. So I ate and left the restaurant, and I went to my car. When I sat in my car, I heard a noise that you would actually only hear if there is a bomb in the car, so I ran out and I ran away as far as I could; the car exploded after a few minutes. But the company where I rented the car didn’t blame it on me because it was not my fault. They gave me another one that I could use for the day. When I went to that parking place, I hardly saw anything because it was late at night, but then I saw two guards guarding a car and I thought that that had to be the car. I got behind the car without the guards noticing it. Since I was I good fighter, I finished them off, but one of them gave the alarm to the others so that I had to get into the Porsche and drive off really quickly.

It took me one day to get from Belgium to Germany and to return the car to the Porsche Company. With this, I showed the whole world that the Lebanese secret agent service is as good as all the other services in the whole world. The whole country celebrated it. I got a big medal from the German President Gerhard Schröder. When I was back in Lebanon I was glad that no Russians followed me anymore.

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