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My Ruined Vacation
By Sara Gharzeddine

May 2002
Teacher: Nada AbiSamra
American Community School
Grade: 6

It was on a bright and sunny day ... oh wait, no... it wasn't', it was a bad and stormy day  when it happened...
School was over, it was the summer break when everyone was so happy to leave as fast as possible! Well, so was I. I ran as fast as I could to get home, just thinking of the fact of no more school made me anxious! Sitting home, watching T.V., talking on the phone, hanging out with my pals, parties etc... well, you know the rest. So when I got home, I was in the best mood until... (tum tum tum) my parents walked in and said four horrible words, "We need to talk." So I just said ok. While they were talking, I wasn't paying attention at all until they said the word that could ruin my whole vacation; that word was, "Camp" (tum tum tum!).
After all the arguing and screaming, I had to go!

Before I knew it, I was all packed up, on the bus and ready to go! While I was on my way to camp I was thinking, "Hmm, maybe it won't be so bad, yeah in fact I bet it's the best place and I'm going to have loads of fun." But my thoughts were suddenly interrupted. The bus had just stopped at the camp door. I stepped out, looked around... It was nothing like I had expected: It  was much worse!

          When I entered I saw nothing under my feet except for mud! Nasty, disgusting mud! But that's not all, in fact there is soo much more that I can't mention.

             As everyone stood in one line, listening to what rooms they were in, I was just thinking of how bad and horrible it was going to be! Oh, they just dismissed us and now I'm going to go to my room. Later that day, we did all sorts of activities and I was kind of forgetting how bad it was.

Well, I'm half through the vacation but still, I have one more day and then I'm free.

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