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Mortal World

By Sara Jichi & Dana Mortada
Grade 6 Writing Class
American Community School
at Beirut

Two days before Halloween, Mother Empire, who is the grand mother of two girls and one boy, went to Mortal World.
These children's names are Soogly (oldest son), Dandylivia (oldest sister), and Cricteena (youngest sister); their mother's name is Vilda.
 Mortal World it is a country that has Halloween all year long . . .

After Mother Empire  arrived in Mortal World, all of her grand children followed her without telling their mother; the kids traveled on a magic horse that flew in the air. When they all arrived, they met the mayor of the Mortals whose name was Weirdo. (Mother Empire didn't know that her grand children had followed her). The three children took a Taxi so that they could go to their grandmother’s house. The driver who took them there was a Skeleton. Mother Empire heard the horn of the taxi from the backyard while she was cooking the spells to fight the mayor. She puts all of her spells in a magic stick.

When the children went inside the house, they sat down and drank Balooga, which is a kind of drink that is like hot chocolate; it comes from a special flower named Pratoonia. When they finished their drinks, they went for a walk with the grand mother.
While they were walking, they saw a lot of shops that sell broom sticks. Dandylivia saw people all around her flying with their broom sticks, then she told her grandmother to take her for a  ride. Afterwards, the children saw their mother and they were all stunned. Their mother got very angry, and she started shouting at them. She wanted them to go back home, so she took them to the mayor to find them a flight; but there weren't  any flights available, so they needed to stay till the next day.

   The following morning ,they all went to the mayor’s festival , which was organized in order for him to take Mother Empire's spell stick . After all the   people ate lunch,

the mayor took the mother and the grandmother to the grave -yard so he could freeze them there . He froze them and  came back to the festival . He turned all the people into monsters so he could lead them. However, Dandylivia had a plan: she went to her best friend, who was the mayor’s helper, and told her what she had to do. Then the helper wrote her the spells that she had to say so she could take the spell stick from the mayor and so she could return her grandmother and her mother back in the festival. While the mayor was saying a speech for his leaders, Dandylivia was preparing herself to say the spell. Finally she said it, raised her finger and 
pointed at the stick. She pulled it towards her then  went to the  graveyard to save her family. She arrived there and said the other spell, “Finlofa porplina” and they woke up. Afterwards, Dandylivia told her grandmother what had happened with the people. The grandmother knew what she had to do in order to help. Dandylivia got the stick and placed it in the huge Pumpkin. 

Finally, they all went back to the USA, but the  grand-mother stayed and became the mayor of Mortal World  because she had saved all the people from the mean old mayor, and turned them back to human beings.

We hope you enjoyed reading our story.



Sara & Dana
on Crazy Hair Day

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