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By: Sara Bleik
May 2002
Teacher: Nada AbiSamra
American community School
Grade: 6 (4)

Once upon a time, I saw a little girl whose name was Fancaloosa. What fancaloosa liked the most was rainbows. Two minutes after I saw her, she just disappeared; I wondered where she went. I looked everywhere for her, maybe she was magical! I was so so scared. 15 minutes later, I found her on the highest tree in the world. I wondered how she got up there, she must be magical. She got down from the tree, then I asked her how she had got up there. She told me that she had stairs in her stomach. I was appalled when I heard that! She took the stairs and just climbed up. Well, she told me how she had put those long stairs in her stomach. I asked her if she was magical. She said, "Yes" firmly. Then I asked her if she could teach me how to be magical. She said, "Of course". Fancaloosa taught me how to be magical. I thanked her because I had to go home. I arrived home and told my parents that I had met a magical girl that taught me how to be magical, and that her name was Fancaloosa. My parents were stunned...

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