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Sweet & Sour
By Reem Kazoun & Sara Bleik
Grade 6

Sara & Reem

American Community School at Beirut

       Mimo and Sarsoor went to the travel agency and bought two tickets so they could travel to the U.S.A. After two weeks, thirteen days had passed, and there was still one more day for the girls to travel.Mimo and Sarsoor packed their bags at night and woke up to travel.They went to the airport and sat in the gargantuan airplane. They arrived in the U.S.A at 8:00 p.m and the beach girl told her sister, "I'm going
to the beach". She went there to swim, whereas her sister went to the night club to work as a D.J.

        They both arrived at the same time at the night club, and the beach. Then, the beach girl and the disco girl came back home at the same time too, which was 9:01 and 37 seconds p.m.; the beach girl asked  the disco girl, "Could you please give me a cup of cold water?"
The disco girl objected and said, "NO WAY  HOZZAY! You get your own cup of  cold water." So, they got in a fight, and kept on screaming at each other saying, "I hate you! Go get water yourself! I am moving out! Me too!"

            The beach girl  went to the south of the U.S.A, and the DJ girl went to the north. They didn't see or talk to each other for two years, and then Mimo decided to go to a camp called the " BDJ CAMP." They regonized each other over there, and neither of them liked their room-mates, so, the very kind directors of the camp put Mimo and Sarsoor in the same room. They had to be polite to each other. So, Mimo and Sarsoor got more friendly and decided to stick together forever.

         Mimo and Sarsoor went back to America and settled there for a long period of time.


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