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Ninja Billy cartoon characterNinja KidsNinja Billy cartoon character
By: Kazuyuki Ohashi
April/May 2002
Teacher: Nada AbiSamra
American community School
Grade: 6

One day, at night, there were four kids who stole money from the bank. Their father was a Ninja. 

Their team name was Ninja Kids. (Ninjameans professional spy (in feudal Japan) highly trained in stealth and secrecy). 

Their real names were Rei, Roi, Rui, and Rai. Rei is a very strong boy. Roi is very clever, Rui is a fast runner, and Rai is the team leader of Ninja Kids. 

They liked to steal money. Everyday, Ninja Kids stole money from the bank, so their father was very angry because a real ninja doesn’t steal money. So he had an idea as to how to deal with this problem. That idea is that he would go to the bank and disguise as a bank clerk. And then he would catch the Ninja Kids. The next day, the Ninja Kids came back to the bank. Very clever Roi knew his father was disguised as a bank clerk. He told his brothers and they all ran away. But Rei and Roi were very slow runners. So they were caught. Rui who is fast, and Rai the team leader were not caught. Then, Rui and Rai ran into their Ninja teacher who persuaded them to give themselves up to the police.

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