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Scary Dream
By Dana Mortada

American Community School
Grade 6
Writing Class
Teacher: Mrs. Nada AbiSamra
May/June 2002

Last summer vacation, my family and I went to the USA, and I invited my friend Sara Jichi to come with us to Disney World. We slept in a house that's in a Hotel called Disney Institute. Sara and I decided to go around the park alone because my brother was a major blight on my existence and my parents wouldn’t go to the scary rides. So we asked my parents if they would allow us to do that and they approved as long as we wouldn’t get lost.

They gave us a walkie-talkie in order for them to be able to talk to us if they needed to. The next day we woke up early, ate our breakfast and ran to the rides.

While we were waiting in line, we saw a gray–haired man who eyed us nervously, and he was totally ruled by impulse and emotions.

I was really scared by that look, so I asked Sara, "Why is the man looking at us this way?" Then, we decided to just forget about him, and if something would happen, we would just go to the security.

Then we went into the ride which was called Rock ‘en Roller Coaster.

At the beginning, it was really slow and then it started getting faster and faster; I was sitting at the front seat; then I felt that the seat, which was connected to Sara's was going to separate from it.

I thought the ride was like that, and I felt that I was falling down between the metals. I started screaming like a crazy baby; while I was falling, I couldn’t feel my fingers, even though they were tightly clenched into fists. I started praying and crying. Suddenly, I stopped falling and I saw myself at the entrance door and Sara was right beside me.

I was so relieved! Nothing like that had ever happened to me. Never again would I go into such a Roller Coaster.

Later on, I ate lunch with Sara and told her what had just happened to me in the ride. She told me that the same thing had also happened to her. We finished our lunch and went to another ride called the Tower of Terror,

a ride like an elevator that goes really high and then it goes down. Sara and I sat right beside each other and the elevator went up really slowly; then it stopped and went down just like the speed of light and then it stopped for like 5 minutes. I wondered why it wasn't working anymore. My stomach started prickling and sweat broke out of my upper lip.

I heard Sara crying and I told her they would fix it in any minute. After a while, I felt something tied to my feet; I thought it was a snake and I started screaming. Guess what it was?  It was nothing but my blanket tied to my legs...  in my bed  and it was all a DREAMMMM.

When I realized it was a dream, it rained down on me like a shower of shattered hopes.


I hope you liked my DREAM.
Dana Mortada

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