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ESL Program
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ESL Links:

Nada's ESL Island
(ESL games and free Educational software)
(Free TOEFL practice exam and free software)

Links for ESL Teachers
Links for ESL Students
ESL Tests & Quizzes
Teaching Reading
The Reading Room
ESL Listening Lab
Kids' Educational Sites
Kids Web
Resources for Teachers
UW ESL Center: Resources for Teachers
Educational Resources for Teachers
Resources for Writing Teachers
Christine O'Keeffe's Easter Page
General Review Writing Guidelines
Education (ESL) Links- Max pages
Pearson Education Home Page
Snapshot Homepage- Lomgman
Help with all kinds of schoolwork
Mark's ESL World
International Association of Teachers of 
English as a Foreign Language

Computing Resources for Teachers
in the Multimedia Language Lab 

Other Links:

Emotional Intelligence
Character Education

AUB Teachers' & Students'
Personal Web Sites

Curriculum Mapping

A Child's Bill of Rights!
(Power Point).
A Bill of Rights and Responsibilities
for Learning
Center for Education Reform
National Geographic
Animal Planet
National Anthems of the World
New information for your mind
entertainment for your soul
exposure for your links

Association of Teachers of English
in Lebanon

Reading Links
Improving your Reading: 
Reading comprehension: (excellent)  (excellent!) 

Skimming & Scanning

Higher Order Thinking Skills 
Six Thinking Hats: 

Resources for improving time management, listening, note taking, reading comprehension, memory, and test taking skills: 
Speed Reading Test Online: 
Reading Matrix:


Essay Writing- Outline Format: (online) 

Musical English Lessons International: Excellent! (Online)

Tenses (online) (online) excellent- online 



Other Resources: Tests 

Classical Intelligence Test - 2nd Revision


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