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Nightmare Hall
By Mohamad Alameddine  (9th grade)
It was Saturday night when my friends and I decided to go to my grand-parents' house in “Doha” because they had a pool table. We left Beirut at 8pm and arrived at the house at 8:30pm. The minute we went out of the car, the electricity went out and, for some strange reason, the generators was out of order: the whole place was in complete darkness! The only light we could see was that of the moon but it wasn’t enough. Suddenly, we heard a strange noise that sounded just like a shout. We were all terrified and nobody dared to enter the house with me to find out what was happening. Finally, we decided to enter the house all together, I was afraid that something bad might have happened to my grand parent’s, however that did not stop me from entering the house which was in complete darkness. As we were entering, I was thinking to myself, "could there be a burglar in the house?"
All of a sudden a light flashed in my face, it almost blinded me. I realized that it was my grand father who thought that we were some kind of gang trying to rob their house. I was so comfused! I had to explain to my grand-parents that it was just us trying to pay them a visit. It wasn't the right time at all. As a conclusion, you should never go into people's properties without any warning, because they could get really scared, however if you call them and inform them that you were comming to visit that would be a good idea.

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