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Kathleen Kabbani
P.O. Box 11-450
Beirut, Lebanon

Education:    Masters of Arts, Teaching English to Speakers of Other
                    Languages (TESOL), Monterey Institute of
                    International Studies; 1984 (Dean's List)

                    Preliminary California Teaching Credential, Multiple
                    Subjects, California State University, Fullerton; 1981

                    Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, California State University
                    Fullerton; 1980

                    Thirty Units, undergraduate, language and culture, Waseda
                    University, Tokyo, Japan; 1978-1979

Experience:  Lebanon
                    American Community School, Beirut, Lebanon
                    -Coordinator and Instructor for English as a Second
                     Language Program
                    -Coordinator for English Pre-school-High School
                    -Resource Teacher Elementary School
                    -English Instructor Grades 7,8,9 and 11
                    -Substitute Principal, Preschool and Elementary School
                    -Committees: Integration, Staff Development (Chair),
                     Special Programs (Chair),
                    -Accredidation Team Leader, English Program
                    -Intensive Writing Workshop for Preschool Teachers
                    -Language Practices Workshops for Preschool Teachers
                    -Principles of Language Acqusition Workshops for
                     Elementary School Teachers
                    -Workshop Presenter for Parents

                     National Center for Educational Research and
                    -Author for the National Curriculum Textbook, English
                     Grade Two
                    -Author for the National Curriculum Textbook, English
                     Grade Three
                    -Author for the National Curriculum Teachers' in Training
                     Cycle One
                    -Trainer of Public School Teachers in the National

                    Lebanese International School, Beirut, Lebanon
                    -Instructor of English grades 3,4 and First Intemediate
                    -Curriculum/Materials development

                     Monterey Institute of International Studies, Monterey,
                    -Summer school assistant for ESL classes
                    -Instructor for Intensive English Program, Training for
                     Services Abroad
                    -Student Teacher in the Intensive English Program,
                     Intermediate Adults
                    -Learning Center Instructor

                    Monterey Peninsula College
                    -ESL Learning Center Tutor

                    Del Rey Woods Elementary School
                    -Instructional Aide

                    Morse Elementary School, Placentai School District
                    -Student Teacher Grade 6

                    Serrano Elementary School, Orange School District
                    -Student Teacher Grade 2/3

                     JICE Language School, Tokyo, Japan
                    -English teacher and coordinator for Returning Students
                    -Enlgish teacher for Adult conversationa classes
                    -English teacher for children
                    -English Camp Director

                    Tokyo Christian College
                    -English Teacher for elementary school children
                    -English teacher for young adults

                    CATESOL Workshop presenter, San Francisco, 1984
                    NESA Teacher Representative for ACS, Beirut 1993
                    NESA Workshop Presenter, Cairo Egypt 1996
                    NESA participant, Cairo, Egypt 1996
                    NESA participant, Istanbul 1997
                    NESA participant, Bangkok, Thailand 1998
                    TESOL participant, New York 1999
                    TESOL participant, Vancouver 2000
                    Preconference Institute, 'Managing Special Programs',
                    TESOL 1999
                    Preconference Institute,
                    Multilingualism and Multiculturalsim in Lebanon, Workshop
                    Presenter, Lebanese American University,
                    Beirut, Lebanon, 1999
                    Language and Change,  conference participant, Lebanese
                   American  University Beirut, Lebanon

Memberships: (Present)
                    TESOL Arabia
                    Amercian Women's Club of Lebanon

                    American Field Service
                    Sister City
                    Lion's Club YOuth Exchange
                    CSU Junior Year Abroad Program
                    Community Colloquium on Language Leaning and
                    Teaching, Monterey

Languages:  English- Native
                   Japanese- Good
                   Arabic- Survival

Travel: Cyprus, Egypt, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, USA, Vancouver

Created on April 20, 2001
Last updated on August 8, 2001
Copyright © 2001 Kathleen Kabbani

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