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With its Advantages and Disadvantages

Before I moved to Lebanon, I used to live in Tokyo/Japan. It is a very big and nice city. I have been living there for four years. After the fourth year my father had the choice to either stay there or to move to Beirut/Lebanon, a small country between Syria and Palestine, next to the Mediterranean Sea. So my parents decided to move to Beirut. When I moved to Beirut, I found out that Lebanon, on the one hand, has many advantages, such the smells, the weather; and the food; and on the other hand, and it has some disadvantages, for example: transportation, the way people treat you, andcrossing the street. 

One of the advantages of Lebanon is the different smells.
Every time you pass a house, you smell a different smell. Usually, when you pass a restaurant, you can smell water pipes. I like that smell. It brings a nice atmosphere in the restaurants, because it is so sweet. However, my mother hates that smell. She doesnít like it because it is so sweet. On the other hand, there is this really disgusting smell, the smell of the garbage. In almost every street there are at least two of those huge garbage cans. They are always full of garbage, flies, wild cats; and they always smell the same. They smell as if no one has ever cleaned them. Every time I pass a garbage can, I have to hold my breath. Then there is the smell of the cars and the gas. It is everywhere, even in the house. If you just came new to Beirut or if you made holidays in the mountains and come back to the city, it is terrible, you can actually smell it and feel that the air is dirty. But after a few weeks, you will get used to it. 

Furthermore, there is the weather.

It has an organized cycle: At the beginning of the year, it is cold. Then it starts getting warmer. Then from one day to another, it suddenly gets really hot. After millions and millions of month, It gets warmer and warmer. Then it starts raining and it gets cold. After two or three months it stops raining and it gets freezing cold. The two things I only like about the weather in Lebanon are the rain and the sun. I like standing in the rain or sitting in my room, holding a hot cup of tea, watching millions of big raindrops falling out of the dark, grey sky. On the other hand, the sun gives the houses such a warm, orange-yellow look. And during sunset, when you walk on the Kornich, you can see the pink, red sun, sinking into the dark-blue sea and in the background there is a pink, purple sky. It is really beautiful. 

In addition to the nice weather, there is the delicious food. 

There are so many different kinds of food. The good thing about Lebanese food is that you can eat it warm or cold. In any way, it has its own attracting taste. 

One of the disadvantages is transportation.

On the other hand, transportation in Lebanon is terrible. The taxis are not safe; the taxi drivers make you pay more, especially if you are a woman and foreigner, the taxis are not clean, and as soon as they see someone, walking on the street, they hunk the horn. In addition to that, they are rude and stop wherever they want to, or their car breaks down in the middle of the road.

Next there is the way people treat you.

Some people donít respect you, some people do, some people are rude, some are not, some are very nice and some are sometimes. I mean that is not different from other countries, but the different thin is how you have to treat them. For example: when you o into a shop, as soon as you enter it, one of the selling persons starts following you through the whole shop. At first I thought it was rude, because I thought that they think that I want to steal something, so I started ignoring them, so that they would go away. But the My ESL teacher explained to me, that they just follow you because they want to help you and they just want to be nice. 

Crossing the street in Lebanon is terrible.

It is as difficult as learning a new language the only difference is that when you cross the street; you are always risking your life. When I first came here, I was standing on one side of the street, waiting for the cars